Selected Haiku

cow’s head

rests on 

locked gate

Published: Ouachita Life, August 2023

cattle egret

in the pond

war ends

Published: Modern Haiku, winter 2021
Published: The Haiku Society of America, Mentorship Anthology 2022

crepe myrtle bark
drops in clumps
morning chemo

Published: Frogpond vol 44:3 Autumn 2021

in between
the baby’s cry . . .
a full moon

Published: Modern Haiku spring 2023 issue 54.3 Modern Haiku

snow-tire chains
hang from barn door
in august sun

Frogpond, vol 43:3 fall 2020
Haiku Society Southwest Anthology 2021

earth below
heron, butterfly road
moon returns

Published: Ouachita Life, December 2020

chickadee solo
curious sky

Published Haiku Page 2020 

skeleton tree
reflected in blue creek
hospice time

Published: Ouachita Life, June 2020

crossing river
metaphor greets

Published: Ouachita Life, Hot Springs Arkansas Dec 2019

On the beach
cartwheeling until
tide overturns

Published: Haiku Society Anthology 2020

stallion lifts
head: nostril, ear, eye —
trots near — a mare

August 2020, Ouachita Life Winner of the Richard Louis contest